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Freed At last

Christ has Set me FREE

My name is Ravi. I’m from Navi Mumbai. I was born and brought up in a good Christian set-up. I work here in Mumbai and I have a good record here. I am also involved in Church works here. Right now, I serve as a Board member in a local Church. I got the reference of your Church website from a friend of mine on facebook, who is from Odisha. I used to see your site regularly. On 6th February, I was browsing your site and entered the sermon section. As I was seeing the archive section, I cliked on a message preached in June 2015. It was about Secret/Hidden Sins.

I heard that message fully. At the end of it, I realized what I was doing in my life. I has been serving Him so long; I have been showing to the world that I am a very good Christian; but I’m fooling myself. I had a secret sin that was tormenting me all along. I had this problem of lust, which others never knew, but it was in my system and could not be removed. I had a real weakness for the fairer sex and used to see obscene things very often. That day as I heard the message, I knelt and repented before the Lord Jesus. I said sorry for all those years of sinning against Him. I thought I was able to hide it from God; but it was my biggest mistake.

That message brought me to my senses and today, nearly 2 weeks after this, I feel so free on the inside. I am forgiven by the Lord and today, I have no such bad thoughts/feelings in my mind anymore because Jesus has Set me Free from that bondage. Truly, it was a blessing for me that I could see your website. I thank God for that Pastor who preached that wonderful message; It touched and convicted my heart like never before. I Praise God for your Church for being a wonderful witness and a blessing to many through this website. I have invited many of my friends to visit your site unionchurch.org.in. God bless your team.

Living for His Glory…

Ravi Iyer | Navi Mumbai

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