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A mother is an integral and a precious part of any family. Infact, mothers are simply priceless. They are the real backbone of any family as they hold the family together. Mothers who Pray for others needs regularly hold the Church in good shape too.

The Mahila Sabha had its biennial election on 3rd March, 2018 and the following persons have been elected to the posts mentioned against their names:

a). Ms. Sanjukta Sahu – President

b). Ms. Asima Pradhan – Vice-President

c). Ms. Kabita Das – Secretary

d). Ms. Sanchita Samantaray – Treasurer.

The post of Joint-Secretary is vacant for the time being.

The women’s fellowship meets every Saturday at 4 PM in the Church. However, On 2ND Saturday, the ladies have a time of Chain Prayer from 11 am till 12 noon and on the last Saturday, the ladies meet between 11 AM to 1 PM as on that day, they have Fasting Prayer during that time. We should be really thankful to our mothers and sisters for praying for us and for the Church. The selection procedure for the new office bearers is in progress. 

They have a Program Schedule for every 6 months and speakers are invited in advance to speak on these meetings. Their service includes devotional songs, testimonies, message (God’s Word) & Prayer. Our Associate Pastors give their valuable time for the ladies fellowship and encourage them through their teachings. Every year, they have a Women’s Retreat and Mahila Divas, which is observed on a Sunday Odia Worship. In 2017, for the 1st time, the Mahila Samiti started the Christmas Celebrations in December with a host of events. Apart from that, few of the mothers visit the sick people on Wednesday afternoon where there is an urgent need to Pray. Please keep our Mahila Samiti in your Prayers always. 2018 pre-Christmas programs are as given below:

Date Program Time
24-11-2018 (Sat) Symposium 4 PM
01-12-2018 (Sat) Devotional Song 4 PM
08-12-2018 (Sat) Bible Quiz 4 PM
15-12-2018 (Sat) Bible Memory Verse 4 PM
19-12-2018 (Wed) Christmas Celebrations 6:30 PM



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