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Church Events in December 2017

Midnight Worship Service @ 11 pm (31-12-17)

The New Year Midnight Worship Service was held on 31st December night as usual where Rev. Ayub Chhinchani preached God’s Word. His theme was ‘Expectation of New Year‘. We had a healthy gathering despite the cold weather. May the Lord give us His wisdom and Grace to help us navigate through 2018. After the Service, we had a little fellowship over coffee. We wish you all a blessed, meaningful and Holy New Year.

Thanksgiving Prayer for Christmas Special Service (28-12-17)

We had a wonderful time of Thanksgiving and Prayer on 28th December here. It was a time of giving thanks to God for His abundant Grace on each one of us and also we thanked the Lord for helping us having a special service on Christmas evening for visitors. Both our Pastors and Secretary addressed the gathering.

Special Service for visitors and guests @ 6 pm on Christmas (25-12-17)

On 25th December evening, we had a Special Worship Service for visitors and guests where we had nearly 10000 people who came and attended. Mr. Paresh Das and Rev. Ayub Chhinchani addressed the Congregation and shared the message of the Gospel. Many had come to know about the significance of Christmas on that day. Literature were given to them also. Bro. Amit Pani known for his Gospel songs presented some special numbers. We thank our brothers and sisters who came forward and joined hands to share the love of Jesus Christ with others. Please pray for those people who heard the message that evening.

Christmas Service (25-12-17)

“Don’t be afraid!” he said. “I bring you good news that will bring great joy to all people. The Savior—yes, the Messiah, the Lord—has been born today in Bethlehem, the city of David! This year’s guest speaker was Dr. Joseph Shields from Mumbai. In the morning Service, he preached on the ‘Purpose of the gift‘, while in the afternoon Service, he shared on ‘Joy‘. The Governor of Odisha and some other top leaders attended the morning Service. We had a packed Service. Many people came from different walks of life to hear the joy of Christmas. We thank our Choirs for ministering to the Congregation through their beautiful singing on this special day.

Midnight Worship Service @ 11 pm (24-12-17)

The Christmas Eve Midnight Worship Service was held on 24th December where Rev. B.N. Satpathy shared the message on ‘The unspeakable gift‘. We had a wonderful audience who came to this watch night Service. Towards the end, we had our C.E. team who performed kirtan. As we witness another Christmas, let us live with joy in our hearts that our Savior came for us and died for our sins and that He rose again. Let us share the love of Christ with others.

Christmas Celebrations @ Sundarpada Worship Center (24-12-17)

This year on 26th February, by the Grace we started a new Worship center at Sundarpada. Christmas was celebrated in this worship center on 24th December where Rev. B.N. Satpathy shared God’s Word and it being the 4th Sunday of the month also conducted the Lord’s Supper. After the Service, they had a small fellowship lunch there. Please uphold this new worship center in your prayers.

Pre-Christmas Media Get-together (22-12-17)

Like every year, we had the Pre-Christmas Media Get-together in Church on 22nd December @ 5 pm. Around 30 persons from different media channels had come. Mr. Paresh Das gave the welcome address, followed by the Christmas message given by Rev. P.R. Misra. Sis. Sharmila Pati presented a few special numbers on this occasion. It was a meaningful time for those who attended.

Carol Worship Service by English Choir (21-12-17)

Carol Worship Service by English Choir was held on 21st December evening where our English Choir team presented some soulful numbers on Christmas. Choir Convenor Mr. Sandeep Kumar shared the message of Christmas. He spoke on the theme ‘Keep Christ in Christmas‘. It was truly a blessed and a colorful evening. It was a packed house on Carol night. The Service ended with coffee and cake. Please keep our Choir in your prayers.

 Christmas Celebrations (Xmas gift to children) by Sunday School (20-12-17)

The Sunday School had their Christmas Celebrations on 20th December where Rev. B.N. Satpathy shared God’s Word. There were some special performances by our children. It was followed by Prize Giving Ceremony.Please uphold our precious Sunday School children in your prayers.

Annual Prize Giving Ceremony by C.E. Union (19-12-17)

The Annual Prize Giving Ceremony by C.E. Union was held on 19th December. Prizes were given in various categories starting from Annual Sports to different Bible competitions organized in November and December. We appreciate the passion and devotion of the CE team in organizing such a wonderful evening. Mr. Paresh Das shared God’s Word on this occasion.

Fancy Dress Competition by Mahila Samiti (18-12-17)

For the 1st time, the Mahila Samiti conducted a host of Biblical events this year in December. On 18th, they had a Fancy Dress Competition where a few ladies participated in it. Prizes were given to the deserving candidates in their respective events. It was a glorious evening for the ladies. Prof. Hirak Kumar Pramanik was the Chief Guest and he gave a brief encouraging talk. Let us remember the Mahila Samiti in our prayers.

Carol Worship Service by Odia Choir (17-12-17)

On 17th December, we had Carol Worship Service by the Odia Choir led by their Convenor Mr. Gokul Chandra Pradhan. This Service is usually held during the Odia Worship Service. On this occasion, Rev. Ayub Chhinchani shared God’s Word. The choir presented many special songs on Christmas. The Worship ended with fellowship over coffee. Please uphold them in your prayers.

Christmas Celebrations @ C.S. Pur Worship Center (17-12-17)

On 17th December, we had Christmas Celebrations at our Chandrasekharpur Worship center. Rev. Ayub Chhinchani shared God’s Word. The Sunday School children gave some special performance and prizes were given in different categories. After the Service, we had cake cutting and a fellowship lunch. Pray for this Worship center as it is growing both numerically and spiritually.

Christmas Celebrations for the blind by Chakshu (15-12-17)

To be blind is like living a life without colors. A half-day Christmas Celebration was held in the Church on 15th December. It was conducted by Chakshu, an organization who works with the blind. Rev. Bijoy Kumar Das and Mr. Paresh Das spoke on this occasion. We had nearly 40 blind people who attended this special service. A simple lunch was provided.

Christmas Celebrations @ Kalinga Vihar Worship Center (10-12-17)

Like every year, this year too we had Christmas Celebrations in our Kalinga Vihar Worship center where Church Secretary Mr. Paresh Das shared God’s Word. We had a fellowship lunch for those present. Little more than 100 were in attendance. Please continue to pray for this center as the Lord uses this Church to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ to many broken souls.

Thanksgiving Prayer held on 2nd Saturday (09-12-17)

We thank all the brothers and sisters who turned up for the special 3-hour prayer in the church yesterday despite the inclement weather. The program was named ‘Give Thanks’ as it was time to thank the Lord for his mercy and blessings bestowed on his people during 2017. It was time of blessings for all those who cared to come and join the prayer. We need more brothers and sisters who are willing to come and pray. Just attending the Sunday worship means little if you don’t join corporate prayer.

Baptism held on 1st Sunday (03-12-17)

On 3rd December, 2017, 5 persons were baptized in water in the morning. They were accepted as full members in the afternoon Odia Worship Service. They are bro. Sudeepta Naik, sis. Nilima Pradhan, sis. Bobby Bagh, sis. Nishita Gungun and sis. Subhashree Pradhan. Please uphold them in your Prayers.

Pre-Christmas Special Youth Meet (02-12-17)

A Special program was held on 2nd December for young seekers from various campuses. The message of Christmas was shared to them by Rev. B.N. Satpathy. We had nearly 50 young people who attended this special fellowship. Some materials were given to them also. Please uphold them in your prayers as they will know the truth.


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