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‘The Purpose of God’s gift’ by Dr. Joseph Shields (Christmas Morning Service), 25th December, 2017

Dr. Joseph Shields preached this Christmas morning from John 6:36-40. His theme was ‘The Purpose of the gift in the words of the gift’.

The Focus verse of this sermon…John 6:38 – (1st component): For I have come down from Heaven, it proves He was not created…but He existed before…He did not say I was made (a bold statement); the uniqueness of Jesus presented here. (2nd Component): not to do my own will, but the will of Him who sent Me.

There are 3S’ here: The Shepherd (Luke 19:10), The Savior (Mark 2:10) and The Servant (Matthew 20:28).

Let the mind of Christ be in you and live to glorify your Creator always.


  • Aadyasha 24-02-2018


    My name is Aasyasha. I am from Vizag. I was born and brought up in Bihar. Then we came here as my father was transferred. My parents are very ritualistic and since an early age, I was asked to worship various gods and goddesses. In 2012, I got into a very good management school here. After my degree, I got an excellent offer in Bengaluru in a very big firm. My life totally changed. I was attracted to the world with all its allurements. I saw money at a very early age. In between in 2016, my parents died in a car accident in Vizag. After which, I had no one to turn to. I thought my life had turned upside down.

    Slowly and steadily I got into many pleasures which I found out attractive at the first. I had no one to stop me too. My life knew no boundaries. One fine morning, I saw my video uploaded on you tube. It was a night spend with my boy friend from another firm. I was completely devastated and shattered. I had nowhere to hide my face. People looked in a different angle in my office. I had trusted this man and he betrayed me and exposed me publicly. I was completely embarrassed in front of my colleagues too. One night I got a message on my whatsapp. It was in fact a link to a website. Something really pricked me and as I clicked on the link, it took me to a website unionchurch.org.in. I listened to this message. It was about ‘The Purpose of God’s Gift.’ The speaker told why Jesus came to this world! He also told only Jesus can forgive sins and wash away with His blood because He loves us so much. That really touched me. I knelt and cried out and said, Jesus touch me now. That very moment, I felt so much of peace and joy in my heart. I felt someone touching me and comforting me just like my father. I accepted Jesus that night.

    Today, I live with no shame. I am a believer in Jesus Christ. Please pray for me as I continue on my journey of faith. I no longer want to be drawn to the pleasures of this world; but be controlled by the love of Jesus Christ. I want to thank your church for helping me to regroup in my life and knowing Jesus. Thank you union church for this website. I visit it regularly and also invite my friends to do so.

    • admin 24-02-2018

      Hello Aadyasha,

      We shall be praying for you dear. Remember, Jesus is with you always. Trust Him as He never fails. We are really happy for you and for the change the Lord Jesus brought in your life.

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