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Baptisms in 2017

The Baptisms take place in the first Sunday of the month in Church of Christ (Union Church). We have no Baptisms at C.S. Pur, Kalinga Vihar and in our Sundarpada Worship centers. It takes place at Church of Christ (Union Church), Bhubaneswar. Those chosen by the Baptismal Committee are Baptized by our Associate Pastors and are accepted as Full Baptized Members of the Church in the afternoon Odia Worship. They are given a membership certificate and a Bible Based Doctrine book by Alban Douglas for their Spiritual nourishment. Let us uphold all these people who have accepted Christ Jesus publicly as their personal Lord and Savior.

Baptized on 3rd December, 2017

1) Mr. Sudeepta Naik

2) Ms. Nilima Pradhan

3) Ms. Bobby Bagh

4) Ms. Nishita Gungun

5) Ms. Subhashree Pradhan

There were no Baptisms in November 2017

Baptized on 1st October, 2017

1) Ms. Ankita Parida

2) Ms. Amrita Parida

3) Mr. Rakesh Roshan Pradhan

Baptized on 3rd September, 2017

1) Ms. Elizabeth Richa

2) Mr. Sarat Baliarsingh

Baptized on 6th August, 2017

1) Mr. Prakash Chandra Nayak

2) Mr. Samarpit Mohanty

3) Mr. Alex Samantaray

4) Ms. Gita Jairaj Mohanty

5) Mr. Soumyashree Khosla

6) Mr. Itishree Khosla

7) Mr. Mridula Sarkar

8) Mr. Jyotsna Rani Nayak


There were no Baptisms in July 2017

Baptized on 4th June, 2017

1) Ms. Jane Jedidah

2) Mr. Soumyajit Das

3) Mr. Amlan Gaurab Bir

There were no Baptisms in May 2017

Baptized on 2nd April, 2017

1) Ms. Lali Priyanka Pradhan

2) Mr. Sujay Kumar

3) Mr. Barun Kumar Lenka

There were no Baptisms in March 2017

Baptized on 5th February, 2017

1) Mr. Siddhant Sarangi

Baptized on 8th January, 2017

1) Mr. Stephen Behera

2) Mr. Rakesh Supakar

3) Mr. Kumar Abinash

4) Ms. Babina Naik

5) Ms. Ipsita Behera


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