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‘What kills the vision?’ by Rev. Dr. Ayub Chhinchani, (31st March, 2019)

Rev. Dr. Ayub Chhinchani preached on the theme ‘What kills the vision?’ from Proverbs 29:18. As a believer in Christ, we should have a vision from the Lord. Bible says, where there is no vision people perish. In the Bible all the great servants of God who succeeded had vision in their life and they lived accordingly. Nothing took that vision from them. Today, let us see 5 facts that kills the vision for an individual and for a church:

1) Tradition kills the vision: People think as God is unchanging, let us remain like that and they don’t adhere to any change in their lives and in their church life too. Tradition reflects the past, but vision tells about the future. Where and how you want the shape of your church in the next 5 years? Do you truly have a vision?

2) Fear kills the vision: Let us remember that vision requires change. If we are not like Christ, if we don’t want to be transformed from glory to glory as Jesus wants us to be, we don’t have a vision.

3) Stereotype thought process kills the vision: It is a popular preconception about people being stereotype. Being stereotype leads us to make bad decisions; but God’s vision leads to wise decision making.

4) Complacency kills the vision: You can never be self-satisfied in God’s work. You can never say, I have done enough for the Lord. Complacency dampens our spirit and enthusiasm.

5) Short-term thinking kills the vision: If we want to live for God’s Kingdom, our thinking should be long-term. Our thinking should be heavenly. Let us live as the Bible says in Psalm 90:12 – teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.

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