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‘Way to Fullness of Life’ by Rev. Ayub Chhinchani (28th January, 2018)

Rev. Chhinchani spoke from Psalm 16. His theme was ‘Way to Fullness of Life’. Psalm 16 is a personal psalm of David. He gives an account of the experiences in his own life.

5 things which reveals what God did in David’s life and how God was real to Him…

1. God gave Him contentment and goodness. God is the source of blessings in his life. (v.6)
2. God councelled him at tough times. He was guided by His spirit. (v.7)
3. God gave him protection. God controlled his life. (v.8)
4. God was his only hope. He will never abondon your life. (v.10)
5. God gave him fullness of joy. (v.11).

So, how do we receive this full life!

a). To turn away from Self-righteousness.
b). To turn away from things which God hates. To turn away from secret Gods.
c). To be whole-heartedly committed to God.

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