Thursday Cottage Prayer Service (26th March, 2020)

As we are shut in our homes due to the 21 days lock down period declared by the Government of India; this evening we usually have the Cottage Prayer Meeting in various Prayer zones across the city of Bhubaneswar. Though we cannot be present physically in different zones; we can be glued to the YouTube channel ‘cocbhubaneswar’ as we receive God’s Word over there.

This Thursday, Rev. Songram Keshari Singh is ministering to the Congregation from Isaiah 26:20. The theme of his message is ‘The hour in Solitude’. There are 3 things we need to observe here: 1) It was a Gracious Invitation from the Lord; 2) It was a Call to Safety; 3) It was a Needful Caution given by the Lord.

Let’s listen to this message and also share with our friends; it will be a blessing to them during this time.


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