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‘Surrender completely to Christ’ by Mr. Subhadutta Rout (28th July, 2019)

Mr. Subhadutta Rout preached on the theme ‘Surrender completely to Christ’ from Titus 2:12-13. There are 7 practices we need to do everyday to live a Holy life in the Lord. We need to practice these things to glorify God in and through our lives.

1) In everything, we need to trust God and have full confidence in Him always. He never fails.

2) We need to read the Holy Scriptures regularly and follow His Word.

3) We need to pray continuously and give thanks to the Lord.

4) We need to be obedient to His Word and to His calling in our life.

5) We need to practice and have the heart of forgiveness.

6) We need to hold on to the Holy Spirit and never grieve Him.

7) We need to be a cheerful giver at all times. Never hold back what belongs to Him.

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