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Set Free from Sin

I am Free from Bondage of Sin

I am from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I am 21 years old. I received a miracle on your website. I am writing this to glorify God who saved my life. I was born in an atheistic family background and I had a very abusive childhood. When I was 17 years old, I was forced into prostitution. I was at the best hotels and night clubs every night. I had very hi-society clients and made a lot of money. I had all the comforts of the world; a lovely mansion to live and quite a few fancy cars and what not! It was all because of my rich clients.
One night I was very lonely and depressed. That night, I got a call to go to a posh hotel in the city as a client was waiting for me in that hotel room.I thought it was business as usual. That man started to talk very politely and asked me are you really happy in your life! Do you know God! I said no personal discussions here. He paid the whole amount for the night and before going; he said I want you to listen to a message on youtube. He said this will change your life. I listened to that message a few days later as the address was on my smartphone. I got that message on youtube where it was titled, ‘He’s Calling you‘. As I began to hear that message; I thought what I was doing with my life! I know there’s someone who has died for me; there’s someone who loves me for that anybody else in this world. I heard a testimony at the end of it where the girl’s story related to my life.

I began to sob uncontrollably that night. I never knew there was a God who loved me so much. That moment, I saw something in bright and white, very clean and clear and then I heard a voice only one sentence, ‘My child, I love you. I knelt down, repented before God and asked for his forgiveness. I have left every dirty work which I used to do earlier. Thanks to that man in that hotel room, who I think was sent by God for me only. Thanks for your church and website which transformed my life. Thanks to the preacher who opened my eyes to reality. Thank you God above all for saving me from hell. God bless.

Jennifer, Kuala Lumpur


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