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‘Secret Disciple of Jesus Christ’ by Mr. Michael Rajesh Behera (12th August, 2018)

Mr. Michael Rajesh Behera preached from 3 portions in the Gospel of John. They are John 3:1-5; John 7:50-52 and John 19:39. His theme was ‘Secret Disciple of Jesus Christ’.

From these 3 portions, we study about Nicodemus. A man who came to know the Lord and was a secret disciple of Jesus. He served the Lord with passion.

There are 3 things we learn from this passage. Every believer in Christ needs to possess these 3 qualities:

1) Education: It brings man from darkness into the light.

2) Witness: A must for every believer in Christ.

3) Service: To serve God is the greatest privilege.

During the journey of life as a believer, can we claim to be a secret disciple of Christ!


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