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Relationship Restored

God restored our Marriage

I won’t disclose my name. We stay in Lucknow, India. I have a friend in Bhubaneswar, who visits your Church of Christ. Me and my husband were on the verge of being divorced as I caught my husband cheating on me. We have two children, 7 and 9 years old. My friend used to counsel me and gave me your Church website address. She asked me to see the videos and the messages. On the homepage, I came across Amazing Grace section. I saw a message titled ‘Forgiveness is for the undeserving‘. I read it 2-3 times. Even though I’m not a Christian, I heard a voice whisper in my ears, saying Forgive him as I have forgiven you. I died for your sins. I heard this voice again saying the same thing, Forgive him as I have forgiven you. I died for your sins. I sat down, thought about it.

The next day, we had to appear in the court for our divorce; I got up, tore apart the divorce papers and hugged my husband and my kids. Today, God has reconciled our relationship and our family. My friend led us into a Prayer and we have given our life to Jesus. We started this year on a high. Thank you for saving our marriage through your website. May your Church touch and transform many more lives through this website. Please do remember us a family in your Prayers as we start our spiritual walk with the Lord.

Author unknown | Lucknow, India

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