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Received the Peace of God

When everyone left, Jesus held my hand


My name is Manisha. I am from Mysore in Karnataka. I was born and brought up in a Hindu background. I work for a big MNC firm here. I was into a relationship for the last 3 years. My boyfriend, who decided to marry me this year, slowly started to distance from me as I was 3 months pregnant. I discovered that and when I asked him that we should give our relationship a name; he said he was not ready for it now.

He said, go and tell anyone, I don’t care what you do. I am not interested in you anymore. My family knew about it; he is an army officer. He said, I don’t want you in my home. Go out as I don’t want to damage my reputation in society. From today, you are dead to me. I was completely shattered as my mom too did not support me that much. I left my home and was feeling hopeless and lost. I had no option but to take my life and end it as I too didn’t wanted to face so much flak from the society as my boyfriend ditched me.

I had a colleague in my office here who is a Christian and he had given me a link just that afternoon in my whatsapp. As I was so lost and about to end my life, I clicked on the link and it was a short message on not committing suicide. It was a message by Dr. Ravi Zacharias. He said, don’t even think of taking your life as it is the most Holy and Sacred gift of God. He said to Trust God through the wildest twists and turns of your life and you will realize when you meet He has sustained you the most when you were at your darkest hour.

Those words really spoke to me. I said, God if you are there speak to me and comfort me. I don’t want to die, but you tell me what to do in this messy situation of mine! I went to my friend’s home that evening and that night, I saw Jesus and he comforted and consoled me. He said, come to me; I will never ever leave you. I have decided to follow Him and raise this child in my womb. I know my Lord is with me always. That night, I gave my heart to Jesus. It is one month this incident happened in my life. I am staying alone in a company flat and I can’t share the peace and solace I have in my heart after accepting Jesus. I want to serve Him and live for Him always. Please Pray for me and the child (now 4 months old) in my womb. I thank you Jesus for your Assurance in my life.

I thank your Church for this powerful message on suicide. I thank Dr. Ravi and I thank my colleague for this link. May many souls come to Jesus through this website. God Bless you all.

Manisha | Mysore, Karnataka

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