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No more guilt and shame

Free from shame

I had been attending church all my life, but did not know about the grace of God.

I used to think that God was always waiting to “whack” me into guilt, submission, and repentance the moment I had a bad thought or had done a bad deed. Instead of approaching Him for grace and forgiveness, I would always hide away in shame. I also thought if people could get fired at work for performing badly, God’s judgment and punishment against sin would be worse—because His standards were much higher.

Then, a friend of mine (who is a young pastor here in Sydney) gave me a link to a website of your Church. I could hear the sermons on Youtube. I heard this one message where it was titled, “He’s calling you, no matter what!” It helped me to understand what God’s grace was all about. Even if I have sinned horribly, He is ready to forgive me and wash me with His blood. I learned that God does not condemn me today because He has already punished my sins in the body of Jesus at the cross. Instead of my sinful nature, He sees me righteous and forgiven in Christ.

When I realized that Jesus did not condemn the woman caught in adultery (see John 8), all the temptations that I had—such as sexual sins and anger—lifted immediately. I no longer have the habit of welcoming lustful thoughts and fantasies into my mind, and am able to enjoy worshiping God without being held back by my imperfections and wrong believing.

Today, I cherish listening to the Word of God and enjoy some of the sermons from your Church site. I Praise God for your site and Pray that the Lord use your Church to shine for God always. I’m enjoying my new life fully in the Lord now. Thank You, Jesus.

Stephen May |  Sydney, Australia


  • Samaresh Bisoi 23-01-2017

    Yes ! In Christ we are a new creation ; old things have gone away . All things are new now.

    Nice Article! God Bless you .


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