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My son returns to JESUS

My Son is back

My name is Mary Han. I’m from Hangzhou city in China. This is for the glory of God. This is about my son Joash. I had been Praying for his Salvation since the last 12 years. He was going far away from the Lord. Even after kneeling for him for so many years, my son never knew the Lord Jesus. He has been working in a big firm and was a real atheist. On 16th April, 2017 on Resurrection Sunday, as I was browsing through facebook, I came across this page cocbhubaneswar. As I browsed through it, I saw one message preached in your church on Good Friday this year. It was about the ‘7 words of Jesus on the Cross’ preached by Rev. Subhash Dongerdive. I listened to the message from beginning to end. In the middle, he spoke about mothers and spoke about mothers to have burden for the Gospel. He said, mothers, please don’t pray for your son to become an engineer/doctor, but pray that he/she will be a missionary.

It really touched me deeply as I had never prayed that way. I only prayed for my son’s salvation, but never that he will be used by the Lord. That day on, I prayed as the preacher said, trust me on 19th April, my son heard this message as I asked him to take a listen. After hearing this message, he came to me and said, mama Jesus died for my sins! Jesus loves me so much! For my sins, he went through all this pain and trauma. Mama, I want to come to Jesus Christ. I was so thrilled at this. I prayed with him and thanked God for this miracle. I prayed and said Lord, Joash is yours from today. Use him for your glory alone. Use him in places where no one has been used. My son said, mama; if my Jesus died for me, I want to dedicate my life to Him completely. I no longer want to live in sin. I am so grateful to your church for uploading this message as my son knew the Lord and gave his heart to Jesus Christ. God bless your church and use this site for his glory only.

Mary Han, Hangzhou, China

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