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Love of Christ brought peace to my life

Be a Witness for me

Hello everyone,

My name is Andrea Grunt. I am from Frankfurt, Germany. I am sharing this to glorify Christ. I was a total skeptic. I never loved Christianity even though I was born in a family who always believed in Jesus. As I grew up, I developed a bad company of friends. As I got a job and started earning money, I thought I could buy anything and everything. I got into a very big multinational; I started to enjoy all the pleasures in this world. My friends too encouraged me to try new ventures and enjoy life to the fullest. I never really thought I needed someone like Jesus as I always had this feeling that I was self-made.

I had many addictions of this world. I was into drugs, pornography, adultery and you name them, I had tried them all. But, there came a time in my life when I realized nothing is giving me true happiness and joy. My parents had arranged my marriage twice, but I rejected those girls as I didn’t wanted to be under any sort of commitment. I wanted to live life on my own terms. I thought being independent and living a carefree life was the best thing for me.

On 5th September this year, I was taken to a local hospital here due to severe illness. After many tests, the doctors revealed that I had contracted AIDS. My whole world turned upside down. I was under medication and there I realized all that I had done in my life till today. Those moments of pleasure has ruined my life today. My parents used to support me and counsel me, but I was totally broken. I had many big dreams and ambitions, but everything around me looked gloomy.

On 15th October night, I was in my home alone and was contemplating everything I had done till today. I got a message on my phone. I saw that and clicked on that link as it was given by a dear friend of mine. Immediately, I was taken to the You tube page and heard the message by this preacher. The message was ‘Practicing 3L Imperatives (Shema) in your life’. Something started to touch me on the inside. I heard the message and the thing that really impacted me was this: ‘What is that you love more than me! Is Jesus your first love! Lord says, Love me, give me first priority. I died for you. I want to be in your life. I want to be your best friend.’ These words really touched my heart. I said Lord, please forgive me and accept me. I don’t want to live my life like this as a sick person.

That night the Lord Jesus spoke to me and touched me. I could feel His presence going through my body. He said, ‘Andrea, from today, you are my child. Be a witness for me.’ My life has completely changed after this incident. Today, I have real peace in my heart. I have Jesus with me and I love Him more than anything. Even if I die tonight, I will be with Him forever. That is the assurance I have. I want to thank my friend and your church website as I visit your You tube site regularly. God bless your team who are involved in this endeavor.

Andrea Grunt | Germany 


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