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‘How to accept old age gracefully!’ by Rev. Nihar Ranjan Bardhan (Elders’ fellowship), 02-10-17

Rev. Nihar Bardhan spoke from Psalm 92:12-14. He gave 7 golden rules for accepting old age gracefully. They are:

1). Old age is not a time of defeat, but a time of faith in Christ.
2). It is not a time of sorrow/grief, but a time of Prayer.
3). It is not a time of hopelessness, but a time of hope in the Lord.
4). It is not a time of feeling forsaken, but remembering God’s Promises that He will never leave us or forsake us,.
5). It is not a time of being ungrateful, but a time of thanks giving.
6). It is not a time of being weak and broken, but it is a time of gaining new strength in His Spirit.
7). It is a time of giving testimony of God’s Grace in your life.

Live your old age in the fullness of joy that comes from JESUS.

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