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Gave my heart to CHRIST

JESUS Loves me

My name is Nawrooz Ashraf. I stay in Abu Dhabi. I want to share my testimony for your Church and website. On 5th January, 2017, I was browsing through youtube. I came across this name cocbhubaneswar; this name fascinated me. As I clicked on it, there were many videos; actually I soon found out they were audio streaming. I browsed through many messages and stopped at a message ‘Running from God’. Even though I had heard many Christian preachings, I never gave any heed to any of it; but on that night, I heard this message at least twice and the part that really touched me was the life transformation of a missionary by the name Judson, America’s Ist missionary. The last part of the message was very touching for me as I knew there is a God who is so loving, but we need to accept Him to be saved.

I realized I needed a God who loves me so much that He doesn’t want me to go to hell. In my community, no one ever died for my sins. That really touched my heart as this JESUS died for me and died and rose again and He is coming back to judge us. I gave my heart to Christ that moment. I shared this with many of my friends and some have heard this message too and they have believed in JESUS. Nearly 5 of us, including my wife we have given our lives to Jesus Christ today. We have started a small prayer cell and we pray that many more from our community would know the True Savior and come to Him before it is too late. There is too much opposition for us because we have accepted Jesus, but I know I will live for JESUS no matter whatever happens. I have started reading the Bible and have started visiting a local Church here. Pray for us as we want to serve Him till our last. We want to keep our faith in HIM till the very last breath. I thank your Church for the great work you people are doing in spreading the Gospel of JESUS. May God bless your Church and many souls come to JESUS through this website.

Thank you…

Nawrooz Ashraf | Abu Dhabi

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