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Free Indeed | Tony Evans

Are You Free! Are you Truly Free! Have you received Jesus in your heart today! If not, do so. Do not procrastinate. Do not wait for tomorrow because your tomorrows are not in your hands; it is in HIS.

Remember, Whom the Son sets free is free indeed. Are you Free! Be SET FREE in JESUS’ name. You will receive joy and peace in your hearts like never before.


  • David Saju 21-10-2017

    My name is David Saju. I am from Manchester, England. I am an Indian, but for the last 10 years living here. I have a testimony to share. I was led by the Spirit to write this for His Glory alone. Hope this will inspire many young people to come to Christ.

    I was born to a Hindu father and a Christian mother. I never had any faith in any religion and my parents never really guided me whom to follow! I lived a carefree life in my teenage years and when I reached here, I had no job options. I worked in different small firms and for the last 2 years, I am driving a cab (taxi). As I said, I lived a life which had no boundaries. My parents died in an accident about 5 years ago. Whatever money I earned, being single I used to enjoy life. I was addicted to alcohol, drugs and was into pornography. Just for the love of money, I was into male prostitution also as it is considered a lucrative career here, but I left it after a short time as I felt hurt on the inside. One fine morning, a pretty young indian girl hired my taxi. As I drove her to another place in the city, she asked me if I had ever heard about a person named Jesus! I said even if I had heard, I don’t care as He doesn’t make any sense to me. She preached a little about Christianity.

    As she was about to reach her destination, she asked my mobile number and when I said why; she said, I am giving you a link. Please visit it when you are free. A few days after this, I saw this link on whatsapp. It took me to a site and to a section known as Inspirationals. I came across many videos and something started to change within me. I came across one video titled ‘Free Indeed | Tony Evans’. As I watched this over and again, there was a voice within me that said, what I was doing with my life was horrible. I needed to stop this and come to the truth. I prayed, Lord come into my life. Make me your child. That moment, I felt something within me which I had never felt before in my whole lifetime. All the chains of darkness and sin were broken in my life in Jesus’ name. I claimed what the preacher was saying, whom the Son sets free is feee indeed. Yes, I accepted Jesus Christ that day. I started attending a church in my locality and my life has been truly a blessed one now. I am free in Jesus’ name. Just a month back, by the Grace of God, I married to the same girl who gave me a link to your website and Inspirationals section which truly changed my life. Today, I share the Love of Christ with others who ride in my cab and elsewhere. What Jesus did for me was awesome and I want others to know this Savior so their lives be changed forever. I thank your church website and the team for this wonderful job of spreading the Gospel. God bless you all.

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