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‘Do you truly Love JESUS?’ by Rev. B.N. Satpathy (15th April, 2018)

Rev. B.N. Satpathy preached from John 21:15-23. His theme was ‘Do you Love JESUS!’ That is the question the Lord asked Peter thrice.

There are 3 ways to know we Truly Love God. They are:

1). We truly Love Him when we love Him with Supreme Devotion. It is always the Love for God that should come first. Who do you love the most! The Lord or anything else!

2). We truly Love Him when we Obey what He tells us to do. It is no good to be a child of God, but Obey Him at all cost. His Commands are surely not burdersome. Trust and Obey Him.

3). We truly Love Him when we follow Christ implicitly/wholeheartedly. Our love is true when we are prepared to even suffer for Christ. Follow Christ at all cost, come what may!

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