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Come to Me; I Love you

I Surrender all

My friend, who visits your Church shared this website unionchurch.org.in and asked me to specifically go through the sermons section on the site as he knew that I was going through lot of negativity in my life.

I don’t want to disclose my name. I stay in Birmingham, England, but I’m an Indian by birth. My original native place is Bengaluru. I’m working here since the last 7 years. Even though I was born in a Christian family, but had no relation with Jesus. My parents used to Pray for me night and day, but to no avail. My mother always used to cry for me as I used to be far away from the Lord. I have everything in life, but I was having no peace within. I have a big salary; fancy car and a wonderful mansion to stay here, but something was missing in my life. I used to be very arrogant and always thought; there is no God; and that I’m self-made.

On 14th of January, 2017, I was so frustrated with my life; even after having all worldly luxuries. There is not a single bad habit that I have not tried. Even after enjoying all the worldly passions and pleasures; I was totally lost inside. I was feeling so depressed and low that I wanted to end my life on 14th night. Suddenly without my knowledge, I picked up my Smartphone and clicked on the url and connected to your church website; about which my friend had informed me through a chat on facebook an hour back. I browsed through the sermons section and finally I stopped at a message preached in your Church on 10th January, 2016. The preacher’s name was Mr. Ashok Vedanayagam. It was as if the Lord wanted me to hear this message preached by him in your Church.

I listened to that message and started to enjoy God’s Word and his testimony touched me, because my life was similar to his. As the message finally ended, there were tears in my eyes and I started to cry inconsolably. I realized how my mother used to Pray for my sins. I heard a voice speaking to me, saying; son, come to me. I love you. That voice was so powerful, yet it was so soothing that I could not avoid it. Immediately, I called my mom and said, mamma, I want to give my life to Jesus and want to accept Him as my Savior. She was speechless and called my dad and said, our son is back. He is saved. She Prayed for me and I gave my life to Jesus Christ that very night.

Today, I have so much peace in my heart that you can’t even imagine. I know my sins are washed away by His precious blood and today, I’m His child. The next day was a Sunday, I went to the nearby Chapel and everyone accepted me with joy as what the Lord has done for me.  My life has been transformed. I have started reading the Holy Word of God. I know my Savior loves me. I want to thank my friend, who shared about your Church website to me as it changed my life from an Eternity in hell to an Eternity with Jesus. I want to thank that God’s servant as the Holy Spirit convicted me through His preaching. Lastly, but most importantly, I want to thank your Church for this noble work of spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the website. Jesus Christ saves lives. To Him be all the glory.

Thank you.

Name Anonymous | Birmingham, England 

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