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Church Events in June 2017

VBS Teacher’s Meeting (21st June)

A Special Meeting for the VBS Teachers was held on 21st June, 2017 in Church @ 7 pm where Mr. Paresh Das shared the Word of God. This meeting was planned to just encourage the teachers as they toiled hard to impart education during VBS – 2017. The focus should be on the students and not just on studies. The whole idea is to pray for them and associate with them and try to be their mentor in their growing years. Let us uphold all the students who attended this year’s Vacation Bible School. We thank our teachers for all the hard work they put in to make the event successful.

Prayer on Father’s Day (18th June)

Father’s are integral part of every family. They are the head of the Family. On 18th June, we celebrated Father’s Day in Church. Rev. Ayub Chhinchani prayed for the Father’s on this Special day in both the Worship Services. We give thanks to God for giving us precious Fathers as they nurture a child along with the mothers in making them what they become. Let us uphold all our Fathers in our Prayers as the Lord will bless them to lead their children in the fear of the Lord. 


Youth Summer Camp Follow-up Meet (17th June)


The three-day Youth Summer Camp in our church ended on 10th June, 2017. Nearly 80 young people attended the Camp on the 3 days. It was a great time of learning from God’s Word and having a wonderful fellowship together. Many committed their lives to Jesus. Yesterday evening, we had a small get-together where nearly 40 of them attended. Some of their queries were answered and they were given certificates too. It was truly a Blessed time for those who came.

Youth Summer Camp (8-10 June)


Final Day – The Youth Summer Camp concluded on Saturday (10th June) with a fellowship Dinner. We had nearly 65 young people who attended the Camp on this final day. On the last day, we had topics on ‘Parents & Youths‘, ‘Decision Making‘ ‘Dare to be Different‘ and ‘Follow & Share‘. These sessions were taken by Ms. Aniva Chand, Mr. Sandeep Kumar and Mr. Paresh Das. In between the sessions, Mr. Pratap Sahoo and Rev. B.N. Satpathy led the young people to have some fun and frolic with outdoor games. As the 1st two days, the English Choir led everyone into riveting Praise & Worship time. Apart from it, there was time for Q & A and Testimonies. We Praise God for helping us to conduct such a meaningful and a wonderful Summer Camp in our Church for the young people. Many gave their heart to Christ during the Final evening. We hope to have such more Camps in the near future. Please Pray for those who participated in this 3-day Camp.

2nd Day – The Youth Summer Camp continued on Friday (9th June). We had nearly 75 young people who attended the Camp on this day. On the 2nd day, we had topics on ‘Friendship & Marriage‘, ‘Radical Citizenship‘ and ‘Holiness‘. These sessions were taken by our Associate Pastors, Rev. Ayub Chhinchani and Rev. B.N. Satpathy and by our Evangelist Mr. Sandeep Giri. There was soulful Worship led by the English Choir. Apart from it, there were group discussions and Singspiration contest. There was also a unique competition titled ‘COC’s Got Talent‘ which was conducted by Ms. Aniva Chand and Mr. Pratap Sahu, our Evangelist. We Praise God for giving us favorable weather to conduct this Camp.

Opening Day – The Youth Summer Camp started on Thursday (8th June). We had nearly 85 young people who attended the Camp. On the 1st day, we had topics on ‘Be an Example‘, ‘Body, Mind and Soul‘. taken by our Associate Pastors, Rev. Ayub Chhinchani and Rev. B.N. Satpathy. There was soulful Worship led by the English Choir. Apart from it, there were group discussions and games and ice-breakers that kept the youths on the edge of their seats. We Praise God as this Camp started well. Please uphold the young people in your Prayers.

Fasting Prayer on 10th June

Like last month, we had the Fasting Prayer in Church from 6 am till 12 noon on 10th June (2nd Saturday). Many came and attended this time of Prayer. We Prayed for various issues. There were slots given for different Prayer themes, but the primary focus was to join our hearts in Prayer. Both our Pastors were present to encourage those who came to be part of this Prayer movement. We thank those who attended this 6-hour Prayer chain. We also urge the Congregation to come in large numbers to this Fasting Prayer held every month. Let us join hands in Prayer for God to perform amazing miracles in the lives of His people.

Water Baptism on 4th June

On 4th June 2017, 4 young people were baptized in the morning by Rev. Ayub Chhinchani. They were accepted as Baptized members in the afternoon Odia Worship Service. They are

1) Ms. Jane Jedidah

2) Mr. Soumyajit Das

3) Mr. Amlan Gaurab Bir



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