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“Building a Strong Marriage”, Couples Retreat (Morning Devotion) by Mr. Sandeep Kumar (26-08-17)

Mr. Sandeep Kumar took the Devotion on the 2nd day of the Couples Retreat. His theme was ‘Building a Strong Marriage’. He dealt on the 3F’s for a Strong Marriage. They are…

1). Foundation of a Strong Marriage. When Christ is the center of any Marriage, it prospers.
2). Fundamentals of a Strong Marriage. It is based on 1 Corinthians 13:4-7.
3). Fruit of a Strong Marriage. There are 4 Fruits:

a). A Strong Marriage Sanctifies the Home; b). A Strong Marriage Glorifies the Savior; c). A Strong Marriage Witnesses to the Lost and d). A Strong Marriage instructs the Next Generation.

Remember, a Marriage built on Christ is a Marriage built to Last.

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