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Bible Study Session (1st April, 2020)

We welcome you to the Bible Study session conducted by our Pastor Rev. Songram Keshari Singh. This Bible study is conducted during the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month. It started in February 2020. Before the Lockdown started, we had 3 sessions. The topic dealt with is ‘Discipleship’. In the 1st 3 sessions, we had discussed on What does it really mean to be a Disciple?

a) Learning about Jesus

b) Becoming like Jesus

c) Abiding in Jesus’ Words

d) Bearing fruit for the Lord

e) Loving other disciples

f) Loving Jesus the Most

Today, we will be learning on Bearing the Cross. Are you bearing the Cross He has given you? Can you forsake everything for Christ? Let’s listen to this Bible study session and be blessed in God’s Word.

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