Battling Negativity #COVID – 19 (TRAILER)

#BattlingNegativity #WebseriesTrailer #COVID19

We are living in unprecedented times. The Coronavirus has changed the world beyond our wildest imagination. It has caused death in lakhs, devastated families, the economy and put our healthcare system to extreme stress. Things are no longer as they were. As a result, hopelessness has creeped into multitude of lives.

Church of Christ (Union Church), Bhubaneswar has organized a series of talks touching upon these issues. It will be an attempt to infuse hope into lives and families. This is just a glimpse. Watch the Web Series starting 27 July onward. Do watch and share.

|| Special Thanks ||

Church Board (COCUC)

Pastoral Team (COCUC)

Rev. Dr. Ayub Chhinchani (Keynote Speaker, Episode 1)

Sanjeeb Kumar Das (Keynote Speaker, Episode 2)

Rev. Songram K. Singh (Keynote Speaker, Episode 3)

Paresh Das (Keynote Speaker, Episode 4)

Rev. Sandeep Kumar Giri (Keynote Speaker, Episode 5)

Sandeep Kumar (Keynote Speaker, Episode 6)

Post Production Team

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  1. Avatar Pankaj says:

    Hello everyone,

    I am Pankaj from Mysore, Karnataka. I want to share with you all how a miracle happened in my life a few days back. I was a total skeptic before this. This Pandemic has brought my world upside down. Ever since late March, I lost my lucrative job due to the job cut-downs in various MNCs. I tried many other firms, but either they didn’t satisfied my expectation or I couldn’t meet theirs. It so happened I was really frustrated with life. While life was going hunky dory I had made lot of investments and purchases as I had never thought of such a crisis in my life. With all the payments and other issues coming up, the worst part happened when my wife was diagnosed with Stage-II breast cancer. Everything seemed against me and I felt why I am even living?

    On July 21st night, when my wife was in sleep, I was contemplating suicide. I will sitting on the edge of my apartment balcony with a glass of alcohol in my hand; just then I heard a ping on my phone. It was a Whatsapp message from my friend in Gurgaon. I clicked on it to see what it was! It was a video. It said don’t be shocked that things are tough; don’t Quit as God knows you by name. Lastly, I heard God has a promise for your life and the chart and compass for the troubled times of your life must come from God. Friends, I heard that message nearly 5-6 times over and again. Then out of nowhere tears began rolling down my cheek. That night I said, God I don’t know who you are, but speak to me. I could feel someone touching me and saying son, I love you. I am Jesus.

    I came to know who God is in my life for the very first time. I had a wonderful sleep that night. The next morning, I narrated to my wife and she was amazed. We had her chemo appointment that evening. Before the chemo therapy, doctors said let’s have a test; we shall have the chemo the next day. To our great joy and happiness, the next day the doctor said this is just a miracle. The scan shows no signs of any cancerous cells. She is normal. I burst out in tears and said my God has not only healed me spiritually, but my wife physically too. I wanted to share this amazing miracle with you all. I am eagerly waiting for the web series to start and I will share JESUS with anyone and everyone through this program of your church. Thank you for saving my life and helping me to come to God.

  2. Avatar admin says:

    Hello Pankaj,

    We are so very glad that you came to the saving knowledge of Christ at the right time. We shall surely uphold you and your family in our prayers. Especially praying for the miracle the Lord has brought in your wife’s healing from cancer. Do watch the episodes unlocking tonight @ 8:15 pm on our official YouTube channel COC Bhubaneswar.

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