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WALLS (December)

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Bandagi Kar | Anil Kant | Video Song | Masihi Geet 2020 | Official Music Video

Lyrics: Meri Ruh, Khuda Ki Bandagi Kar Jo Dekhna Hai, Zindagi Me, Barkaton Ka Asar, Khuda Ki Bandagi Kar...   Karte Hain Jo, Rab Pe Bh

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The Afters – Broken Hallelujah (Official Lyric video)

Lyrics: I've seen joy and I've seen pain. On my knees, I call your name.   Here's my broken hallelujah.   With nothing lef

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POWER of PRAYER – Inspirational & Motivational Video

Prayer helps us to find strength for today and hope for our future. We should actively pray and trust in its power to change our circumstances for

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God is Waiting for You | Inspirational Christian Video

Inspirational Christian Video   The Lord is calling you... Waiting for you... Cares and loves you!  

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Yahovah Ashish De ‘The Blessing’ in Hindi Yeshua Ministries ft. Nyzel & Gwen Dlima 4K | June 2020

Yeshua Ministries is a Hindi worship band led by Cameron Mendes producing Christian Hindi worship songs. This is the Official music video of the s

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Billy Graham – Your Prayers Are More Powerful Than You KNOW

This video highlights that your prayers are more powerful than we know, and that our prayers have the ability to knock on the gates of heaven and

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Are you losing hope, Ravi has a word for you…(Best Motivational Video)

Never ever give up on life. Turn to God. Remember, you are created in His image. His signature is on your soul. Watch this powerful illustration b

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Be Cleansed by JESUS

Matthew 8:3 Then Jesus put out His hand and touched him, saying, “I am willing; be cleansed.” Immediately his leprosy was cleansed. Most of

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