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‘4 Qualities of a Christian’ by Rev. Sunil Kar (27th May, 2018)

Rev. Sunil Kar preached from Acts 9:28-31, but his main emphasis was on verse 31. There are 4 Qualities of a Christian which the early church used to have. Today, we need to inculcate those qualities if we really want to make stand out for Christ.

1). It was a peace-loving church. There was peace and oneness among the believers.
2). It was an edified church and its members were strengthened by God.
3). It was working under the power of the Holy Spirit.
4). It was a soul-winning church.They laid emphasis on the spreading of the Gospel.

Where are we today! If we are lacking in any of this 4 qualities, we must set it right for the Lord to use us and make a lasting impact in our world.

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