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‘Why we need the Power of God?’ by Rev. Dr. Ayub Chhinchani, (Prayer Week, Day -1), 07-01-19

Rev. Dr. Ayub Chhinchani preached on the Opening day of the Prayer Week (7-12 January 2019) from Acts 5:12-14 & 29-31. The theme of his message was ‘Why we need the Power of God to work in our life and our church life?’ The reason is stated by Jesus Himself when He said, ‘without Me, you can do nothing.’ Today, why we need to seek His Power in the church?

1) It is the only way the church will effectively reach the world with the Gospel. We need to release the Power of the Holy Spirit to work in us & through us.

2) To know His will; to do His will and to Love Him wholeheartedly. We need to attempt great things for God. We need to dream big for God to work in our lives.

3) We will not grow weary when we are plugged into His Power. We need to Proclaim the Good News to a lost and dying world.

We can shake this city if we are united in Prayer and be connected with the Power of God in our church.

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