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‘Who needs Prayer Meeting?’ by Mr. Paresh K. Das, (Prayer Week Last day), 12-01-19

Mr. Paresh Das preached on the last Day of the Prayer Week (7-12 January 2019) from Acts 1:14. The theme of his message was ‘Who needs the Prayer Meeting?’ We as believers can’t stay without Praying. It is like taking Oxygen for breathing. When we Pray as a Church…5 things happen.

a) Prayer strengthens the unity of the Church. Prayer brings people together. It binds them in one accord.

b) Prayer brings Revival in the Church. True Revival will come when God’s people come together in Prayer.

c) Prayer brings Evangelism to the forefront. Unless we pray with burden for souls, we can’t reach out.

d) Prayer brings boldness. That fearlessness comes from the Spirit of God.

e) Prayer brings Worship. It is our privilege to worship the Living God through Prayer.

It is your choice to come to Corporate Prayer! Let us come and Glorify Him together as believers.

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