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‘What Christ’s suffering means?’ by Evg. Sandeep Giri, Special Worship (Monday), 15th April, 2019

Evg. Sandeep Kumar Giri preached on the theme ‘What the suffering of Christ means to us?’ from two portions in the New Testament; Mark 11:11-14 & Revelation 2:8-11. What does His suffering and pain means to the church for you and me today?

i) We will be alive again in Him again. Even though we shall die from this earthly body, we shall be resurrected with Him in heavenly bodies.

ii) If we will be faithful till the very end; then there is reward for us for sure. He that endures to the very end shall receive the crown of life.

iii) There is no second death for us. Otherwise there must be curse; if we do not bear fruits just like the fig tree which was cursed by the Lord Jesus that day.

Everything will pass away one day, only what we do for Christ will last.

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