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“Walking with GOD” by Rev. Vijayesh Lal (26th March, 2017)

Rev. Vijayesh Lal spoke from Hebrews 11; known as the Hall of Fame of Faith in the Bible. His theme was “Walking with GOD”.

This word ‘Walk’ is very central in our Christian life. So, let us get into a daily habit of

1). Walking with Him; 2) Intimacy with Him; 3) Re-evaluating our Priorities. God Bless us all.


  • Kapil David 02-09-2017

    I am Kapil from Hyderabad. I am from a Christian background. I was born and brought up here. My parents always taught me to love the Lord and follow His ways. I had never ever known the Lord. I was bored at the Church Services which my parents used to take me to. I thought it was a waste of time. I grew up like that and than as I entered my graduation course, I went still far from the Lord. I used to tell one lie after the other to my parents and used to steal money from my dad’s wallet too.

    I had a gang of friends and we used to do all sorts of funin this world. I was into drugs and into pornography. I was after girls and everything that could give me satisfaction I thought I tried. My parents were very upset with and used to scold me. I never really cared. On 9th July this year, I met with an horrible bike accident. I had severe injuries on my spine and leg. We were totally drunk in 3 bikes when this mishap took place at night. 4 of our got injured and 2 died on the spot. After I came out of coma, I was in excruciating pain. I could see my parents with tears flowing down. My dad was availing the best of doctors to heal me.

    I had a successful surgery on my spine in the last week of July. As I was in my medical, one of the Church members, a young girl from the youth wing of our Church came and had a chat with me. She counciled me on receiving Christ. Then before leaving she gave me a link to a video. As I opened the link; it came across a website unionchurch.org.in. I heard that message. It was about walking with God. I heard the message and in the middle of it, there was a quotation from Psalm 1 about a Blessed Righteous man. I soon realized that my life was a mess. I got what I deserved. I thanked God that I got a new life. That night, I gave my heart to Christ. I said, Lord I have been running from you all these years, I no longer want to live in sin. Please forgive me and cleanse me Lord. You won’t believe there were tears from my eyes. My mom was there. She hugged me and prayed for me too.

    I receieved Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior that night. I felt the joy and peace of God in my life from thereon. I was discharged from the hospital in the 1st week of August as the doctors said, I was doing rapid progress and there’s no point in staying here. I continued on my physiotherapy and by the Grace of God, I could stand straight without anyone’s support for the 1st time on 15th August. The doctors did a MRI and found out out that I have been healed. They were amazed and shocked at this. I testified that my Jesus has healed me completely. All Glory to Hima alone. I praise God for not only giving me a new life, but a new spine and a new refreshed and a strong body. I Praise God for sending me the youth leader to my bedside; for giving the link to this sermon. I Praise God for making me new. I will live for Him from no matter whatever happens. I will live to glorify Jesus. I had witnessed in my church and I was persuaded by the Spirit to testify in your church website too. I regularly visit your site and I am encouraging many youngsters like me to listen to the sermons on your site. God bless your church and the website as you share His love to the world.

    Thank you Jesus

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