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‘Unashamed’ by Er. Sandeep Kumar (25th August, 2019)

Er. Sandeep Kumar preached on the theme ‘Unashamed’ from Acts 17:22-31. This is the famous Pauline sermon delivered at Mars Hill to the Athenian crowd. There are 3 powerful truths that we can learn from this message delivered by Paul:

1) You will never reach out until you feel the pressure in your own soul.

2) You need to be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit. You need to bridge the gap and work within their framework.

3) Remember; that Christianity is not a religious perspective in Paul; it is God’s self-disclosure in Jesus Christ.

The early church was as big as you and I are in this hall today. They had greater obstacles than us. We have got thousands more to stand with us and the power of God.

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