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‘True Identity in Christ’ by Rev. Sidney Brock (22nd April, 2018)

Rev. Sidney Brock preached from 1 Peter 2:9-11. His theme was ‘True Identity in Christ’.

‘Who we are in Christ’, that is what matters the most. In this passage Peter was talking to the Jewish believers who had been persecuted and scattered because of their faith. They had faced persecution because of the Roman Emperor Nero. But, these words are for us even today. Do not lose heart, but be encouraged.

There are 7 things you need to understand who you are in Christ!

1) You are a Chosen people. You are a child of God.

2) You are a Priest. You can approach God through Christ.

3) You are a Holy Nation.

4) You belong to God. You are His servant.

5) You are His Friend. The people of God.

6) You are an alien/foreigner in this culture. You don’t have a permanent dwelling place here on earth.

7) You are an Ambassador. That you may declare His Glory.

God bless you as you listen to this message.

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