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‘Time is Now’ by Rev. Susanta Patra (26th May, 2019), Mission Sunday

Rev. Susanta Patra preached on the theme ‘Time is Now’ from John 9:4. Together for Odisha we can make a difference because Odisha today is a land of possibility. Today, people are looking for the truth. In this dark Odisha, God is calling us to spread the Good news. To bring back our people of Odisha to gladness and joy: Gospel is the answer. We need to be a. Be vocal; b. Be visual; c. Be vital.

Opportunity: We need to opportune time: redeem the time. Remember, serving God is an opportunity; Saving people for God is an opportunity and Investing for God is an Eternal opportunity. Have you ever looked at people through the eyes of Jesus!

Urgency: People are sinking in SIN. They are going from bad to worse. There is Spiritual starvation.

Compulsion: Apostle Paul said, I am compelled to spread the Gospel. There has to be an inner urge. Ephesians 2:10.

Completion: If I have started well, can u end well? Will u be found faithful to receive the award well done my Good and Faithful servant. There has to be a fresh vision of God to look at Odisha differently. God bless us all.

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