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‘The Power of Resurrection’ by Rev. Susanta Patra, Resurrection Sunday – Odia, 21st April, 2019

Rev. Susanta Patra preached on the theme ‘The Power of Resurrection’ from 1 Corinthians 15. On this special day, we are not remembering a Death God; but we are remembering a Living and a Risen Savior. How is that power relevant in our lives today?

Let us see briefly 4 important teachings from the Resurrection of christ:

a) The Ressurection of Jesus Christ has crushed death. The power of death could not hold Him. There was no death for mankind before Adam and Eve; it started after man sinned. There are 3 things about death we should know: Physical death from sin; spiritual death from sin; eternal death from sin. There is fear from death among men. If there was no Resurrection from the dead, then we would have been dead too. The anxiety among men remains about death. It is sin that destroys us.

b) The Resurrection of Jesus Christ gives us power over all things in our life. The Resurrection of Christ has changed history. People can say anything about Jesus; but the fact of the matter is Jesus is Alive; He has Risen from the dead. He is before all things; and in Him all things hold together. We are no more victims; we are victors in Christ.

c) The Resurrection of Jesus Christ helps us to have reunion with God. To have a right relationship with God. Today, what are you going to do with this Resurrected Christ???

d) The Resurrection of Jesus Christ reveals that we will be resurrected with Him for Eternal life. There is no death for a believer in Christ. Everything in this life is meaningless. There is nothing that can hold us in this world together except Christ and the power of His Resurrection. There is no other name given by which we can be saved? It is only by believing in Christ Jesus. Let us fear God and live a life that is pleasing unto HIM.

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