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‘The glory of the new Covenant’ by Mr. Chinmoy Muduli (19th May, 2019)

Mr. Chinmoy Muduli preached on the theme ‘The Glory of the New Covenant’ from Ezekiel 36:26-28.

The glory of the new covenant is Christ not only forgives our sins but also enables us to please Him.

The glory of the new covenant lies on three pillars:
1. The invitation for union with Christ
2.The enabling for union with Christ.
3.The joy of obedience in Christ.

1. The glory of the new covenant lies in its free invitation to each person to be united with Christ by the act and work on the cross accomplished by Christ alone and not by any good deed and acts of our own. Rom 3:27-28.what happens when we unite with Christ? We don’t become absolute sinless Christians but we become spirit empowered, battle ready, sin hating, Christ treasuring. We become sin fighters by spirit empowerment. And ultimately we become sinless with Christ second coming. 1st Cor 15: 51-52.

2. Our communion with Christ also is enabled by the glory of the new covenant.from sin fighters we become God pleasers. And finally we have joy in obeying Christ to every commandments and we become joy givers to god and to others.

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