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‘Results of pain and suffering’ by Rev. Samuel Somalingam (29th October, 2017)

Rev. Samuel Somalingam preached from 2 Corinthians 1:8-11 & Exodus 3:7. His theme was ‘Results of pain and suffering in life’. There are various outcomes of pain:

1). Pain invariably makes us question God.
2). Pain brings a sense of helplessness.
3). Pain brings a strong feeling of isolation.
4). Pain brings a disillusionment with the world and its value system.
5). Pain produces the hope that the temporal and transitory will pass away and helps us focus on Eternity.

Remember, God sees your misery and your affliction. God hears your cry of Prayer. He knows about what you are going through. He is concerned for you. He has delivered you in the past; He will deliver you in the future as well by His Grace. Hold on…

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