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‘Real man in the mirror’ by Rev. Dr. Ayub Chhinchani, (7th April, 2019)

Rev. Dr. Ayub Chhinchani preached on the theme ‘The Real man in the mirror’ from Romans 3:9-20. Most of us have an image of ourselves that is somewhat different from reality. Let’s look this morning at The Man In My Mirror.

1) v. 9-10 SIN IS A UNIVERSAL PROBLEM: It touches every race and religion and it tarnishes all righteousness. Sin is a horrible problem! It has only one cure and that cure is faith in Jesus Christ!

2) v. 11-18 SIN IS AN UGLY PROBLEM: The sinful nature of man will always manifest itself in his life. Sin has tarnished our Spirit, Senses and our souls. It has also tarnished our Speech. Remember, tongue is a weapon of more devastating power. It has also tarnished our steps.

3) v. 19-20 SIN IS AN UNDENIABLE PROBLEM: Man’s sin is declared by the Law and man’s sin is damned by the Law. The Law is like a mirror, James 1:23-25. Looking into the Law cannot save you. Living out the Law cannot save you. The only thing that can save the sinner is coming to Jesus Christ by faith!

“Are you saved by grace through faith? If you were to die this morning, would you die as a child of God, completely trusting in Jesus and nothing else to take you to Heaven?”

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