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‘Reaction at Jesus’ burial’ by Rev. Dr. Ayub Chhinchani (Holy Saturday Service), 11-04-2020

On this Holy Saturday (Special Worship Service), we had Rev. Dr. Ayub Chhinchani sharing a powerful Word on the burial of Christ. The Scripture portion was taken from Matthew 27:57-66 and the theme of his message was ‘Reactions at Jesus’ burial’.

There are 3 reactions from 3 people at the burial of JESUS.

1) Reaction of Joseph of Arimathea: He did not fear the anger of the religious community on that day. He was a secret disciple of the Lord. Now, he comes out in the open and expresses his love, loyalty for Jesus Christ. He is standing with the Lord.
2) Reaction of the two women: These women had great love for Jesus. They wanted to embalm his body. They did not knew about His Resurrection, but wanted to give their all for the Master.
3) Reaction of the unbelievers: They knew that Jesus is dead, but had this fear if He would rise again or if His disciples would take His body from the grave. Praise God today Jesus is not in the Grave. He has broken Sin, Death and the Grave. He is alive.

Let us proclaim His name to a lost and dying world. Let us be a witness.

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