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‘Principles of Corporate Prayer’ by Evg. Sandeep Giri, (Prayer Week – Day 2), 2nd April, 2019

Evg. Sandeep Kumar Giri preached on the 2nd day of the Prayer Week from the book of Ezra 8:21-23. The theme of his message was based on ‘The Principles for Corporate Prayer’. Here in this passage, we can learn 5 important principles of Corporate Prayer.

1) Prayer of Desperation: Ezra had no solution, but to pray out of total hopelessness. When we are not desperate in prayer, God will not answer our prayers. We need to cry out and say, Lord, without you there is no hope for me or for my family or for my church.

2) One Focus: What we really want from the Lord today? We must prioritize. We must seek His vision for our lives, because without vision, people perish. As a family, we need to seek vision for God’s unity, oneness in our family.

3) One Voice: If there is a problem we are facing as a family, as a church; let us join our voices and hearts together and let us pray in one accord. That was the secret of the early church too.

4) Invoking the Presence of God: We always need to seek His Presence in our life. We need your Presence Lord and nothing else.

5) Agreement in Prayer: To agree with Him and His Living Word that what He says is true and will come to pass.

Never forget, when we follow these principles and pray in His will, God is pleased and answers our deepest prayers.

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