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‘Prepared for life after death!’ by Mr. J. Manna Whitson, 24th November, 2019

Mr. J. Manna Whitson preached on the theme ‘Are you prepared for life after death?’ This passage tells us an important truth on our Eternal Destiny. Where will you spend your Eternity? It depends on what you do with Christ today?

Choose wisely and live for the Glory of God at all times.


  • Kriti 09-02-2020


    My name is Kriti. I am a model by profession and I stay in Pune. I am into this field since the last 5 years as I always wanted to fly high. In my short career, I have seen almost everything. The profession where I am at present, you have to be smart and move along with others.

    Initially, I was a bit shy, but as time went on, I realized that you have to compromise. I did like many big names in the industry. I had to go through quite a few indecent proposals from top people in the industry to get a break. I went through all of it and today, I have achieved success in my career. I always had this sense of pride in me that I am getting new modelling assignments because of my figure and personality.

    Last year in August, I had to go through a low in my career. A tumor had developed in my brain and doctors advised immediate surgery. Many assignments were rejected and many were given to others. The aura which I had built around myself was slowly diminishing day by day. I felt as if the people who were giving me contracts were done with me. They used me and threw me. I went into severe depression because I had no work for sometime now. Many of my so called friends were not in good relation with me anymore.

    After the surgery I have recovered nicely, but still there is a slight weakness in me all the time. I am mostly confined to my home as I have no assignments as of now. As I was sitting alone in my apartment on January 27 this year and felt very lonely, many negative thoughts were coming to my mind. Even I felt like taking my own life. That moment, I received a message on my Whats app. It was a message on life’s journey. It was about choosing wisely as there is one life only. As I heard the man speaking with so much conviction, I kept on listening to the message, My pride was broken too as I heard the message because I always felt that I got contracts because of my beauty. I used to idolize myself all the time. Towards the end, I realized that there is a God who cares for me and all the rejection that I am going through is temporary.

    That night after hearing the message, I gave my life to Jesus Christ. I felt so much joy and peace within myself. I don’t know what the future holds for me; but I think I have made the best decision of my life by accepting Jesus as I don’t want to spend my life after death in a place where there is not even a drop of water; where there is only pain and torment. I found a local church here, purchased a Bible and have started reading it. Please do pray for me as I will be guided by the Lord always and my future will be shaped accordingly. Thank you dear church for this wonderful message.

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