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‘Prayer is more important than Power’ by Mr. Sandeep Kumar, (Prayer Week, Day 6), 6th April, 2019

Mr. Sandeep Kumar preached on the last day of the Prayer Week from Jeremiah 33:3 on the theme ‘Prayer is more important than Power’.

We need to call upon God and Him alone while we are praying. He loves to hear our heart’s cry. 3 things are very important for every believer to understand as we pray:

1) Pray Rightly: When you cry out to Him, come to Him with a clean heart with no bitterness for anyone. We need to have love for one another when we come to God in Prayer.

2) Pray with Confidence: Are we confident enough and do we have the courage to come to God in Prayer? Have faith that He will answer your prayers.

3) Pray continuously: Pray without ceasing. When we pray with such an attitude, God answers our prayers and also shows us great and mighty things.

Remember, there is only one limit to what Prayer can do and that is what God can do! Since God can do anything, prayer can do anything. Trust Him with all your being. Live to Glorify Him always.

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