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New Year Service – 1st January, 2017

English Worship Service on New Year’s Day

This year’s speaker was Dr. Atul Y. Aghamkar from Bengaluru. He shared the Word of God on New Year 2017. His message was based on one thing mostly; to have a real burden for this city we are living in. Unless we do so, God will never ever change the condition of our city and people will be deprived of the Gospel of Christ. We had a packed house in both English and Odia Service. Many new faces and people from other faith had come to visit our Church and hear the Holy Word.

We Praise God for giving us another New Year in our lives. Let this year be the year of Revival for many of us. Let us Pray that we live more passionately for the Gospel. May God continue to bless this Church everyday of this New Year and let more new believers be added to the Church. On 1st January 2017, after the Service was over, many seekers came to our Church to know about Jesus. Gospel was shared to them and counseling was given.






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