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‘Knowing Jesus truly’ by Rev. Finny George, (13th January, 2019)

Rev. Finny George preached from Colossians 1:26-27. The theme of his message was ‘Knowing Jesus Truly’. When you know Jesus really well, you will understand what HE means to us today! 4 things we see from this passage:

a) He has authority over everything. He is the image of the invisible God, the first born over all creation (Col 1:15).

b) He came to this world to give His life as a ransom for many; He came to save and reconcile us (Col 1:19).

c) Christ is the head of the Church. He is there to direct your paths (Col 2:19).

d) We are not going to be here on earth forever. Set your minds on things above as He is our Blessed Hope (Col 3:2).

If you know Him, make Jesus known to the world around you.


  • Sathish 21-04-2019


    I greet you all in the matchless name of Jesus Christ. I received my miracle in early March this year; but just 2 days back, I was prompted by the Spirit to put it into writing.

    My name is Satish. I am from Bengaluru. I am a Software Graduate working in a MNC here since last 4 years. I have been in this sector now for about 9 years. I am married and have a 7 year old daughter, whom I love very much.

    My wife too works in a firm and we both come back home in the evening; life was going on well till some time back in early December last year (2018), I started having serious depression due to severe strain in my work place. It was getting tougher and tougher. My wife had no time for me as she was too busy with her work. In reality, we both were workaholics and we were mad at earning money.

    Just after New year, I got the worst shock of my life; I was thrown out of the project I was so much involved in; the reports said, I was not up to the mark; I needed to do more. It really left me broken as now I had to work under some juniors and I was looked down every day in my office. I was humiliated too even though I was really efficient in my work place. Then the worst nightmare came for my career as I was sacked from my job.

    My wife counselled me; my daughter used to hug me to lighten my mood; but it was like life was totally shattered for me; I started taking the help of alcohol as I thought it would reduce my pressure; but it actually damaged my inner being too. I started getting angry at my wife and daughter too. The situation in our home was horrible. On 1st March 2019, I was sitting in the balcony of my home late at night. I was heavily drunk and had smoken a lot too. My family was asleep; negative thoughts were creeping in and I was contemplating suicide as I thought there is no way out.

    Suddenly one of my best friend sent a message on my Whatsapp. It was a link to a web page. It was actually an audio sermon. I clicked on this audio; I started listening to it and then when the preacher said, Jesus has authority over everything. He is the image of the invisible God, the first born over all creation. The message spoke to me as the preacher said, where do you have a God who cares so much for you; He died for you and me! That really touched me. Something happened inside of me that night. I went to wash my face and then as I was coming to sleep; I could hear a voice. I stopped where I was. Suddenly, a light filled the room and I could see a man stretching out His hands in blood and saying this; I love you. I love you child. Come to me. Experience my Love. It was a beautiful face and a voice I had never heard before.

    I cried out with a loud voice and fell on my feet that night. I repented before the Lord. I said Lord I am sorry for all the sins I have committed till today. Accept me and make me your child. Sorry for rejecting you in the 1st place. Friends, let me say this to you; my wife was stunned at my change. I said, I have accepted Jesus Christ as my Personal Lord and Savior and He has filled my life with joy and peace. On 3rd March, 2019, I read my Bible for the 1st time in 6 years. Yes, I was born in a Christian family, but never really knew the Lord. I married the girl of my dreams from another faith in spite of the resentment of my parents. I felt so much peace on the inside as I read my Bible that morning. Exactly a month later, I got a call from another MNC; I got through the interview and will be joining them shortly. But, the greatest miracle happened on Palm Sunday morning; my wife who had seen this change in me since the last month or so, had started reading God’s Word and that morning asked me to pray for her. I prayed in faith and she too accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior.

    Today, I can say with real joy in my heart that we have met the Savior who rose from the grave on the 3rd day. Jesus is real and He saved me from the clutches of Satan. I want to thank your church website unionchurch.org.in and the team from the bottom of my heart from saving me and my family from an Eternity in hell fire. Today, I can proudly say boasting in the blood of Christ that we are saved and we will serve the Lord till our very last. God bless your church to win souls. Keep us in your prayers.

    Thank you.

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