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‘How Satan destroys churches?’ by Rev. Dr. Ayub Chhinchani (7th July, 2019)

Rev. Dr. Ayub Chhinchani preached on the theme ‘How Satan destroys Churches?’ from Ephesians 2:1-2 & 4-5. There is one obvious thing about Satan’s attacks on the church…he is consistent. How does Satan want to destroy the church?

a. Satan Wants To Destroy the Church Through DOUBT and DECEPTION. All I want you to see is that our whispering enemy is constantly at work seeking to cause God’s people to doubt the goodness and power and love of our God.

b. Satan Wants To Destroy the Church Through DISCOURAGEMENT. It is not natural for a Spirit-filled child of God to walk around discouraged. This is an attack of the devil to put us on the sidelines.

c. Satan Wants To Destroy the Church Through DIVISION. The main focus of Christ’s great prayer as in John 17 for us was that His followers would be united. A strong, united church is a testimony to the world of the reality and love of God. And the devil is doing all he can to destroy that testimony.

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