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‘Great Commission or Great Omission!’ by Mr. Sandeep Kumar (30th December, 2018)

Mr. Sandeep Kumar preached from Matthew 28:18-20. The theme of his message was ‘Great Commission or Great Omission!’ Before ascension Jesus issued what has come to be called as The Great Commission. Please let us remember, ‘our calling is not only to endure to the end; but to storm the very gates of Hell’

There are 4 facts from these verses that give us the much needed insight into The Great Commission.

1) We have a Divine Mandate: There are 2 ways we can do it – through our Lifestyle & through our lips.

2) We have a Divine Message: Our message is a simple one. It is a message of hope to a hurting, dying world; of life to the dead; of peace to the tormented.

3) We have a Divine Mission: How are we doing reaching the world around us? Are we active in our Jerusalem?

4) We have a Divine Mentor: We are Promised His Presence and His Power to witness to the lost.

Has the Great Commission become The Great Omission in your life and mine? Time to ponder.

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