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Grace over Anger

A Sinner into a Saint

A man in Manila, Philippines was in jail serving his term and his term came to an end. The day came when he was released from jail. He was in there for a crime he had not committed, but was falsely accused in that case. Because of this episode, 10 precious years of his life was wasted in prison. He had lost his loved ones, who thought him to be a criminal. This man had anger and revenge on his mind only. He got into a bus and sat in one of the seats available to him. Besides him, was a man who was a believer and he was hearing a sermon. As he heard that message, he asked the believer: “Do you believe in what this man is saying!” and this man said, I firmly do. At the end of the sermon, he said, I have had so much hatred in my heart; I was about to ruin my life again with a crime I had never done before, but was about to do it now.

Today, I realized that there is a God and one day, I would stand before him and give an account of my life. The believer asked him, do you believe now there is a place called hell! Do you believe in GOD? He said, if I had truly believed in all these things that this preacher is talking about; I would have crawled across this nation to save one soul from that hell that you so glibally talk about! I don’t want to procrastinate anymore. He got down from the bus. Knelt on the ground and gave his heart to Christ. He said, Lord: I surrender my everything to you. Remove all bitterness from life and make me a new person. I’m truly sorry for all my sins. He began his Christian life in a serious commitment to Christ and today, this man is a born-again believer and he shares the Love of Christ to people who are in bondage and chains. He shares the Word of God to the criminals in prisons and more than 50 notorious gangsters have given their heart to Christ. All glory to Him alone.

I Praise God for that message I heard that day, that transformed my life into a person, who was a nobody into a person who is on fire for God now. My name is Charles Moor and I’m writing this to acknowledge the miracle the Lord performed in my life through the sermon uploaded on your website.

Charles Moor | Manila, Philippines


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