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‘Following Jesus’ by Mr. J. Manna Whitson, 24th February, 2019

Mr. J. Manna Whitson preached on the theme ‘Following Jesus’. The Scripture portion was taken from Matthew 7:21-23. The theme was based on Doing God’s Will faithfully.

1) How to do God’s Will? By overcoming the other wills; a) The Will of Satan; b) The Will of Self; c) The Will of Others.

2) Why we should do His will? a) As He has adopted us as His children through Christ; b) You were bought at a price; c) He is our Creator and Provider.

3) We need a grit and determination to do God’s will. Let us remember, Jesus Himself is a model for us; on doing the ‘Will of God’. It is your prayerful decision, determination and discipline that ultimately matters.

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