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Fasting/Chain Prayer Points (13th April, 2019)

Prayer Points (13-04-19)

1). Prayer of Thanks Giving

  1. We Praise God as the Lord has given us both health and protection.
  2. We Praise God for the baptisms held in our church till date.
  3. We Praise God for helping the Church to grow spiritually and numerically
  4. We Praise God as many have heard the Gospel of Christ through our church and also through our website and app.

2). Prayer for the Church and the Worshippers

  1. Pray for the Spiritual upliftment of our Church. Let it be a Prayerful and a Witnessing Church.
  2. Pray for our Pastors, Evangelists, Deacons, Care-taker, Gardener and Prayer Coordinators to stay in unity and work for the extension of His Kingdom.
  3. Pray for the Mahila Samiti, Sunday School (students and teachers), C.E. Union, Odia and English Choirs, Morning Prayer group.
  4. Pray that every family be Christ-centered and prayer-filled homes.
  5. Pray for those who have heard the Gospel, but due to the pleasures and pressures of this world have not accepted Christ.
  6. Pray for the Salvation of those children who have never accepted Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior. Also Pray for their parents to lead them in the path of the Lord.
  7. Pray that husbands and wives stay in unity and let their be love and peace in the house.
  8. Pray that we know the Bible well and stay away from the False teachers and the wrong doctrines.
  9. Pray that the families be filled with God’s Love, in faith and grow in prayer.
  10. Pray for the seekers who come to our church and those who have accepted Baptism recently.
  11. Pray for the Extension work proposed to be undertaken by the Church Board in the near future.
  12. Pray for the elderly of our Church. Let them have good health and strength in this age.
  13. Pray for this year’s Passion Week program starting with the Palm Sunday Service tomorrow. Pray for the speaker Rev. Susanta Patro.
  14. Pray for the Bible quiz and CE Day celebrations (Revival Meeting) in May 2019 to be conducted by C.E. Union.
  15. Pray for our Church website and also for our Church app, ‘union church bhubaneswar‘. May God be glorified in and through this. Pray for the team managing the website and app.

3). Prayer for the Nation:

  1. Pray for Protection, Peace and Unity in our country.
  2. Let us uphold our great nation in prayer as it celebrates her 72nd Independence day on 15th August.
  3. Pray for our President – Mr. Ram Nath Kovind, Prime Minister – Mr. Narendra Modi, Chief Minister – Mr. Nabeen Patnaik, Governor Prof. Ganeshi Lal and other heads of State; heads of every district, block and village in our nation.
  4. Pray for the Political, Spiritual and Financial stability in our nation.
  5. Pray for the protection of our soldiers who are constantly guarding our nation.
  6. Pray that black marketing, corruption and poverty be removed from our State and Country.
  7. Pray that terrorism be curbed and let those people know the True Savior and turn from their wicked ways.
  8. Pray for drug addicts, prostitutes, witch hunters, homosexuals to leave their evil ways.
  9. Pray for human trafficking to stop and also for exploitation of young girls in Pornography industry.
  10. Pray that the Rulers in our state and country that they rule with goodwill and a sound mind.
  11. Pray that the relation between India and Pakistan to return to normalcy and that cross-border terrorism stops.
  12. Pray for the General elections scheduled to be held this month. Pray that the Lord intervenes and the right people come to power.
  13.  Pray for world peace and for people to live in unity and love.

4). Prayer for the Outreach work:

  1. Pray that the Good News be spread in our State and country and let more people hear about the Good News.
  2. Pray that doors be opened for spreading the Gospel.
  3. Pray that those who have heard the Gospel in our Church and received the tracts experience Salvation in their lives.
  4. Pray for the Jail ministry, media ministry, translation ministry, blind ministry, children’s ministry, youth ministry, door to door evangelism etc.
  5. Pray for the Worship centers in Chandrasekharpur, Kalinga Vihar, Sundarpada and Jagatsinghpur areas. Let more believers come and experience the joy of the Lord.
  6. Pray for the areas where the Gospel has never been preached.
  7. Pray for those organizations who are working for the spreading of the Gospel.
  8. Many have heard the Gospel, but haven’t accepted Christ due to world pressure/pride/hardening of their hearts. Pray for such people to come to Christ before it is too late.
  9. Let the Worshipers have this burden within them to share the Gospel more in these days.
  10. Pray for the large number of people who have been given the gospel through initiatives of the church in recent weeks so that they may come to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour in their lives.
  11. Let us specially remember our State Odisha as we are having a prayer series every week for one district of this State in our Sunday Worship. Last week (07-04-19), we had prayed for Malkangiri district.

5). Prayer for the Youths & the children:

  1. Pray for the Salvation of our young people; Pray that the young people will respect their parents and teachers.
  2. Pray for a loving and a sweet relationship between parents and children.
  3. Pray for the Spiritual upliftment of the young people.
  4. Pray for those who have take Water Baptism recently; that they may grow deep in their Spiritual life.
  5. Pray for the youths looking for a suitable job.
  6. Pray for the young people who are looking for a life-partner; that they have a God-fearing life partner.
  7. Pray for the young people who are addicted to various worldly pleasures.
  8. Pray for the young people who are involved in a wrong relationship; let them realize their sin and repent before the Lord.
  9. Pray that they may flee from wrong friends, wrong places and wrong environments in Jesus’ name.
  10. Pray for those young people who study/work abroad that they have the protection of the Lord Jesus in their lives wherever they stay.
  11. Pray for the special program for the youngsters held every Saturday in church. Pray for the faculties.

6). Prayer for the sick and the ailing:

  • Rev. Stephen Behera had a fall recently and has hurt himself. Pray for his recovery
  • 5 month old baby detected with cancer is under treatment in Hyderabad
  • Mr. Rohini Kumar Sahu is unwell and suffering from old age problem
  • Sis. Minakshi Sahu is unwell
  • Rev. Oriel Singh had a successful bypass surgery on 19th March @ CARE Hospital. He was discharged from the hospital on 27th March. Please keep him in prayers for his complete recovery
  • Bro. Bhignaraj Routray from another faith (friend of bro. M. Pratap Kumar) is serious and under treatment
  • Bro. Aniruddha Prasad Sahu underwent a successful surgery for Hernia recently
  • Ritu Kumar’s father and mother are unwell and are under treatment 
  • Sister-in-law of bro. Sarat Kumar Sahoo working with BSI underwent neuro surgery on Saturday; i.e. 23-03-19. Uphold her in your prayers
  • Bro. Srikanta Subudhi underwent surgery on 5th March, 2019. Praise God that he has been healed
  • A sister is having pain in her lower back due to spine related problems and battling with high diabetes solicits prayers
  • Bro. Pradip Kumar Bera has gone through a surgery following an accident
  • Bro. Samir Das living in USA is suffering from breathing problems 
  • Bro. Sisira Kanta Deep, 65 years old from Balangir is under treatment and is recovering well
  • Ms. Sobhana Khatua had a brain hemorrhage; under treatment
  • Bro. Kiran Kumar Benjamin is suffering from cancer
  • Bro. Subash Pradhan and his wife (parents of bro. Amos Pradhan) had an eye surgery recently @ LVPEI, Bhubaneswar and on the road to complete recovery
  • Ms. Surekha Mallick suffering from cardiac problem is under treatment @ Hyderabad
  • Bro. Raj Pradhan in USA (elder brother of M. Pratap Kumar) suffering from GI Bleeding and Liver problems is under treatment
  • Sis. Nibedita Khora (wife of Dr. Pankaj Khora) is recovering following a stroke
  • A little boy having problem in his right eye solicits Prayers
  • Bro. Rabi Ranjan Rout is recovering from brain stroke in his home
  • Little child Saswat, son of Mr. Sarat Kumar Pradhan from Cuttack is having renal failure and severely ill. Treatment is going on
  • Mr. Sushanta Pattnaik (brother-in-law of Rev. Susanta Patra) had two back to back brain surgeries in Mumbai recently. He is recuperating
  • Mr. Suvendu Panda underwent successful surgery for two blockages on 10th January, 2019
  • Little child (2.5 years old) is suffering from cancer
  • Sis. Mamata Burma from another faith is  suffering from cancer
  • Bro. Sandeep Patnaik of Jatni under treatment for cancer
  • Bro. Purna Chandra Behera (is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease), dementia (neuro problems)
  • Pastor Lazarus has two blockages and his angioplasty has been done successfully
  • Bro. Susen Pani (brother of Rev. Sindhu Pani recuperating after a brain surgery in Hyderabad)
  • Sis. Amita Pradhan diagnosed with cervical cancer is doing well after her chemo’s but is still under treatment
  • Tasi Bhai of Cuttack is suffering from kidney ailment
  • A little boy underwent cardiac surgery @ Apollo hospital in November 2018. His name is Jiban; pray for his complete healing in  Jesus’ name
  • Sis. Aruna Mohanty is under treatment 
  • Bro. Sonkhali Pani diagnosed with Motor Neuron Disease is under treatment
  • Bro. Sahansha Ahmed is battling with cancer
  • Mother of Binu (sis. Rosamma) diagnosed with cancer and is under treatment
  • Sis. Snigdha Mohan is suffering from neuro problems and is under treatment @ Kolkata
  • Bro. Akash Mandal is suffering from brain cancer and is under treatment
  • Bro. Pradip Patra from Cuttack is suffering from cancer
  • Bro. Peter Paul Sahayaraj from Paramakudi is suffering from spinal cord problems with severe neck, left hand, lumbar and back problems, not able to walk or work. 
  • Sis. Anita Suna is suffering from blood cancer
  • Bro. Sachidananda Behera is suffering from kidney ailment
  • Sis. Supriya Parichha, daughter of Pastor Subodh Parichha of G. Udaygiri is suffering from cancer and is under treatment
  • Rev. Chitta Ranjan Mohapatra of Sambalpur is suffering from stomach cancer
  • Bro. Rohini Sahu, bro. Binoy Kumar Muduli, Rev. Stephen Behera and for the elderly members of our congregation
  • Little girl Tamanna is suffering from Cerebral Palsy
  • Sis. Puspita Gan is suffering from neurological problems (neuron motor). Her condition has not improved much.


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