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Decisions taken @ Special Prayer Coordinators Meeting (17th August, 2018)

Decisions taken @ Prayer Coordinators Meeting held on 17th August, 2018

  1. The church shall have a team of Counselors who will be available in the church premises every Wednesday from 6 pm to counsel people. The meeting felt there was a dire need for organized counseling in the church. This facility shall remain open to people of all ages. It was decided that the team shall comprise Rev. Dr. Ayub Chhinchani, Rev. BN Satpathy, Mr. Sandeep Giri, Mr. Pratap Kumar Sahoo, Mr. Ranjit Singh, Mr. Siddhartha Sahu and Mr. J.M. Manna Whitson. Two women members shall be chosen to assist the team. A Convener shall be appointed from among the counselors who shall regulate the functioning of this initiative.

Prayer Coordinators (PCs) shall make announcement about the creation of this new facility in the church in the Thursday prayer meeting regularly. It shall be announced in the church worships as well.

  1. The Elders’ Retreat shall be held from 11 am to 2 pm in the church on October 2, 2018 (Tuesday). The PCs shall have to prepare a list of all persons above the age of 60 years and submit it to the Secretary by August 31, 2018. In cases, wherever necessary, the church shall take care of their transportation. The PCs shall inquire if they would be able to come and if needed, facilitate their coming to the church and return home. This may also be announced in the Thursday prayer meetings.
  2. PCs shall prepare list of persons who are unable to come to church worship and need to be cared for at home so that the Pastors/Associate Pastors can visit them. The list shall be submitted to the Secretary by August 31, 2018.
  3. PCs shall prepare list of young people (in the age group of 16-30) and children (in the age group of 6-15) who do not attend any youth program or Sunday School and submit the same to the Secretary by August 31, 2018 for follow-up.
  4. The prayer zones shall have to be reorganized and the CB decision to merge the Emmaus prayer zone with Sinai prayer zone was announced in the meeting.
  5. The meeting decided that the Pastor/Associate Pastor shall prepare a detailed calendar of their visit to different prayer zones to speak at Thursday prayer meetings. They shall inform the PCs of a particular prayer zone as to on which dates of the month they may attend their prayer meetings at least six months in advance. The calendar shall be prepared twice every year, i.e. in the first week of December and June. This shall streamline the functioning of the prayer meetings.
  6. PCs shall have to choose speakers for Thursday prayer meetings from their own zones and from church leaders/Evangelists. They shall not invite people to speak at such meetings whose doctrine is not known. Besides, speakers from other churches may not be encouraged.
  7. PCs shall avoid holding prayer meetings in homes of people who are not worshippers in Church of Christ (Union Church) or its satellite worship centres.
  8. If a family shifted out of any particular prayer zone limits, the PCs shall not follow them to another prayer zone to hold prayer meetings in the home of that family.

PCs shall make announcements in prayer meetings about the availability of envelopes in the church and worship centres to enable people to make their contributions.

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